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What's up, everyone? My name is Cassandra Sandsmark. Current Wonder Girl. Former member of the Teen Titans. I'm 20 years old. I live outside of Gotham City with my fiancee Tim Drake, my daughter Helena and Damian Wayne...unfortunately.

magic anon:

((Mostly rp nonsense here! May be slightly crazy with a little NSFW thrown in. All such things will be put under read more. This blog is open to all fandoms! Don't be shy! Drop me a message if you wanna rp! ALSO. Cassie's relationship with Tim is the primary on this blog. All other relationships will be treated as AU. Main ships: Tim/Cass and Kon/Cass =D))

Face Claim: Jennifer Lawrence

“I believe that if we stay together as a team, we could be a force that could truly work for the ideals of peace and justice.”

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